BBC Learning English: Words in the News #8 (131127)

BBC Learning English の「Words in the News」コーナーを毎日学習します。8回目は2013/11/27 公開分から。
Christmas lights

[leading light] an important and respected person or group in a particular field / 指導的立場にある人ないしグループ
[world record] the best achievement in the world in a particular field / 世界記録
[bulbs] sealed glass devices which produce light / 電球
[light up] illuminate / 照らす
[electricity bill] payment made to a power company for the energy used / 電気料金
[Father Christmas] サンタクロース ※イギリスで使われる表現

Meet David Richards – the leading light when it comes to Christmas decorations.
The Australian has set a new world record for the most Christmas lights attached to a family home.
Friends and neighbours in suburban Canberra have been coming to see the half million bulbs which light up the property.
His electricity bill will be higher than usual, but a local power company is playing Father Christmas and supporting his project.

David Richards に会おう – クリスマスデコレーションといえばこの人。
Canberra 郊外の友人達と隣人らは、建物を照らす50万の電球を見るために駆けつけている。