BBC Learning English: Words in the News #7 (131120)

BBC Learning English の「Words in the News」コーナーを毎日学習します。7回目は2013/11/20 公開分から。
Robot bike park

[thronging] crowded, full of people / 混雑した
[subterranean] under the ground / 地下
[whisks] takes something somewhere else suddenly and quickly / ぱっと素早く運ぶ
[rightful owner] person who owns something legally / 正当な持ち主
[ID card] identity card / 身分証明書

Where do you park your bicycle in a crowded, thronging city like Tokyo?
The answer – in a subterranean cycle park.
A robot gracefully whisks your bike 11 metres underground.
It stores hundreds of them and returns each one to its rightful owner in seconds.
Just don’t forget your ID card.

答えは – 地下の駐輪場。



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