BBC Learning English: Words in the News #6 (131113)

BBC Learning English の「Words in the News」コーナーを毎日学習します。6回目は2013/11/13 公開分から。
Marathon swim

[gruelling] extremely tiring and difficult, needing great effort and determination / 極端に難しく大きな努力と決意を必要とする()
[jellyfish] sea creatures with soft, round bodies that you can see through / くらげ
[tides] rising and falling in the sea that happens twice a day / 1日に2回ある波の満ち干
[peril] danger / 危険
[pureed] mashed into a smooth sauce by crushing / つぶして滑らかなソースにする(裏ごし)
[sting] とげ

A gruelling journey of 1,500 km.
After 135 days, Sean Conway has become the first person to swim the length of Britain.
Jellyfish stings, dangerous tides and autumn storms meant the adventure was full of peril.
And his face was so cold he couldn’t chew, and had to have his meals pureed.
Back on land, he had to wait just a little longer to dry out.

1,500 km の厳しい旅。
135日後、Sean Conway はイギリスの長さを泳いだ最初の人になった。



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