BBC Learning English: Words in the News #5 (131106)

BBC Learning English の「Words in the News」コーナーを毎日学習します。5回目は2013/11/06 公開分から。
Pink pipes of Berlin

[snaking] moving over a long distance with a lot of twists and turns / 蛇行すること
[swamp] an area of wet, soft land / 沼地
[construction sites] areas where buildings are made / 建設現場
[young at heart] having a lively and positive attitude to life that is more typical of a younger person / 若々しい
[in the pipeline] being planned / 予定されている、進行中

Snaking through Berlin: over 60km of pink pipes.
The city is built on a swamp, and these carry water away from construction sites.
The manufacturer says pink and purple are popular with children and older people who are young at heart.
And with lots more building in the pipeline, these brightly-coloured tubes are likely to be around for some time.




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