BBC Learning English: Words in the News #1 (131204)

BBC Learning English の「Words in the News」コーナーを毎日学習します。初回は2013年12月分(2013/12/04)から。
Meet Bao Bao the panda
語彙 / 和訳:
[cuddly] something you want to hug / 抱きしめたくなるような可愛い
[in keeping with] following the usual way of doing things / ~ に応じて
[naming ceremony] event at which a person, animal or thing is given a name / 命名式
[snuggling up to] moving itself close to another thing for comfort / 寄り添って
[den] home for (some) animals / 動物の巣、ねぐら

Fans of all things soft and cuddly queue up to hear the name of the latest addition to this US zoo’s giant panda family.
In keeping with Chinese tradition, the naming ceremony happened as Bao Bao, which means ‘precious baby’, turned 100 days old.
Bao Bao herself was too busy snuggling up to mum in their den to see this special message from a famous panda-lover.

中国の伝統により、命名式では「バオバオ」と公開され、それは “大事な赤ちゃん” を意味し、生後100日目を迎えた。

ちょっと2行目の和訳が怪しいかな… 確か間接代名詞の節をカンマで区切ると違うニュアンスになったような… 後で調べる。

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